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English (US)
Terry J. Prins
Ethereal Gem
Lead Game Designer (Bowmen)
Lead Programmer (Bowmen)

Terry received his Bachelor's Degree from UCLA in Neuroscience and
is currently employed as a physiology researcher at the university. In
his spare time, he founded Ethereal Gem and works as a lead
developer on many projects contributing to programming, world
design, and web API development.
Michael Asbell
Ethereal Gem
Lead Voice Artist (Bowmen)
Game Designer (Bowmen)

Michael works full-time as an employee for Apple corporate, while
contributing to projects through game design, direction, and voice
acting. He currently resides with his family in Northern California.
An indie game studio with BIG ideas.

Ethereal Gem began as a small independent game studio in 2016, focused on creating games similar to the ones
we knew and loved as kids. Games like Zelda, Diablo, Gunbound, MapleStory, and many more helped fuel our
passion for the games of old. No crazy MMOs, no loot boxes, no DLC, no hidden microtransactions and hidden
fees, just games that are cheap, fun and interactive, easy to pick up but hard to put down.